Volunteering with KNP

KNP loves its volunteers and appreciates their time, expertise and passion for helping neighbors.

There are three ways to volunteer with KNP. Pick any or all ways to volunteer, whatever works best for you!

  • Flash Missions, as in ‘mission accomplished’, are one-time events typically lasting 2-3 hours. Examples include delivering and stacking wood, yard clean-up or delivering a hot meal. All volunteers receive an email with the task details including number of volunteers needed, time and date. If you can help you sign up! If you’re not available, no problem! No need to reply and no guilt.
  • Advocating involves a small team of volunteers working with a neighbor with more complex needs. In an Advocate relationship we walk with our neighbors over a longer term often helping to identify  bedrock issues. In many cases we can help point out the the best local services for receiving fuel, food security, housing, or budgeting. Together, we formulate a plan to move to a more stable, sustainable place over time.

    An example would be: an older widow who came to us needing a hole in her roof repaired.  Upon delving deeper, what she   really needed was to sell her house that was too large and too expensive for her. Volunteers helped sell her house, helped with an estate sale, and helped with the move to a lovely apartment.

  • Partnering: This involves working with area services organizations to resolve specific needs in the region.  A great example of collaboration was our Victory Garden Revival program in May 2020.  KNP worked with Spring Ledge Farm, Colby Sawyer College, the New London Hospital and The Kearsarge Food Hub at Sweet Beet Market to help address food security during the pandemic.

    Spring Ledge grew and donated 250 vegetable seed trays.  Shovels and gardening gloves were donated.  Volunteers bagged compost to go with the trays and delivered them to essential workers at the hospital and area families with food needs so that they could plant gardens and grow their own food. 
    See how the program has grown to Tray it Forward in 2022.
    Colby-Sawyer and Sweet Beet continued to grow food to donate to local food pantries all summer and KNP volunteers helped with distribution.    


To learn more about volunteering call 603-317-5900

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         Quotes from KNP Volunteers and Coaches

Moving a Neighbor's Furniture in Sunapee
Loading Wood for Delivery for a Wilmot Neighbor
Helping a Neighbor Move in Newbury
Distributing Posters at Clarke's Hardware in New London
Delivering Wood with Colby Sawyer Students