KNP Services

KNP Provides
the FOllowing Services to
Kearsarge neighbors In Need

Helping Hands

If you need a helping hand KNP can help with: 

  • Mail Pickup
  • Gardening
  • Trash to Dump
  • Small Home Repairs
  • Occasional Snow shoveling/plowing
  • Yardwork
Homecooked Meals

It’s important to us that you and your loved ones have adequate food, both short- and long-term. KNP can:

  • Cook & deliver a meal for those unable to do so themselves
  • Pick up & deliver your groceries

KNP Volunteers can help with rides to doctor’s appointments in the Kearsarge area. 

Friendly Phone Check-ins

Feeling lonely and isolated? There are volunteers who are happy to regularly chat with you by phone.

Emergency Firewood

KNP provides pickup or delivery of split firewood for those who use wood for heating and are experiencing heating emergencies.

Community Partner Support

KNP collaborates with over 40 community partners in the Kearsarge area. See the Annual Report for an up to date list.

How Can KNP Advocates Help?

KNP Advocates walk alongside Neighbors to help connect them to the right resources and support them through the process of moving to a more stable and sustainable place in life.  Advocates provide ongoing support through phone check-ins and/or personal contact.  Any of the challenges below are likely to make someone a good match for KNP Advocate Services.
Neighbor Needs Help With:

  • Budgeting and changing spending habits
  • Applying for services (ie housing, utilities)
  • Locating sources for debt relief
  • Connecting to resources for benefits
  • Alleviating food insecurity
  • Accessing reliable transportation
  • Creating social connections and/of family support
Ten Towns in the KNP Service Area
  • Andover
  • Bradford
  • Danbury
  • Newbury
  • New London
  • Springfield
  • Sunapee
  • Sutton
  • Warner
  • Wilmot