KNP Services

KNP Provides
the FOllowing Services to
Kearsarge neighbors In Need

Help You Navigate Local Resources

When you need food, housing, fuel, childcare, help paying an overdue mortgage, help with moving, eye glasses or other assistance, it can be overwhelming to identify who to contact, how to apply and be accepted.

KNP has Advocates with experience working with these local organizations. Our Advocates can walk alongside you to connect you with these resources.

Budget / Financial Review

Sometimes life throws too many things at us at once, leaving us wondering how and if we can pay bills. Our volunteers can help you understand your income and spending, prioritize your `bills and discuss potential assistance from other sources.

Deliver a Homecooked Meal

It’s important to us that you and your loved ones have adequate food, both short- and long-term. We can:

  • Cook & deliver a meal for those unable to do so themselves
  • Deliver food to clients of the Kearsarge Lake Sunapee Food Pantry
  • Pick up & deliver your groceries
Be Connected to a Phone Buddy

We have volunteers who would love to:

  • Regularly connect with you
  • Be a friendly support person
  • Set goals with you (if you’d like) to help you move through a crisis
Deliver Emergency Wood for Fuel

We provide deliveries of split firewood for those who use wood for heating and are experiencing heating emergencies.

Light Yardwork / Outdoor Repairs

If you are unable to do fall or spring cleanup, or you need a small outdoor repair, give us a call. We might be able to help.

Small Moves

If you need help moving from a home within the Kearsarge region (and  are unable to pay for a mover) we can call a “flash mission” of volunteers to show up at your house on moving day to load your small U-Haul truck. 

  • The truck should be large enough to move all of your belongings in one trip.  
  • You will need to arrange for other moving help at your new location. 

Similarly, if you are moving INTO the Kearsarge area, we can be available to unload your small moving truck when you arrive. 

  • Note that this is normally a 2 hour commitment, as we are not equipped to help move larger households.
Masks for Hospital Workers & Patients

Since social distancing continues to be recommended, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and neighbors in the Kearsarge Region still need cotton face masks both for Healthcare workers as well as patients.

Here is a video tutorial (see below) from the Deaconess Health System.

  • Completed masks can be dropped off at New London Hospital’s vestibule inside of Door #10 (the old Clough Center Entrance). Community members can drop off both Masks and Surgical Caps.
  • Please leave the masks next to the yellow bin.