tray it forward: a "FEED" Kearsarge Partnership

tray it forward 2023

The Tray it Forward program is designed to help grow more gardeners in the Kearsage Region by providing community-sponsored seedling trays free of charge.  Along with the seedling trays, the FEED Kearsarge team and community partners provide some gardening supplies, education, and community building opportunities to help gardeners connect and have a successful growing season.

The Tray it Forward program serves people in Andover, Bradford, Danbury, Newbury, New London, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner and Wilmot who are interested in and need support growing a garden at home.


Click here to Receive a Free Garden in a Tray

The last day to order a tray is May 16th. Seedlings will be available for pickup or delivery on May 25th. You can indicate your preferences on the registration form. If you have questions, please call: 603-317-5900 Ext 5

Click here for Gardening Resources.

There are two seedling tray options (no seedling substitutions):

  • Large Tray with 24 plants. Limit 4 trays per household.
    • Genovese Basil
    • Fernleaf Dill
    • Broccoli (Arcadia)
    • Green Bush Bean (Savannah)
    • Cucumber (Marketmore)
    • Eggplant (Nadia)
    • Kale (Red Russian)
    • Leek (Lincoln)
    • Lettuces – 2 varieties (Garden Salad Bowl & Red Snails)
    • Marigold (Lemon Gem)
    • Onion (Yellow Sweet Spanish)
    • Hot Pepper (Jalapeno)
    • Sweet Pepper – 2 varieties (North Star & Lunchbox Mix)
    • Zucchini (Elite)
    • Squash – 2 varieties (Multipik & Butternut &, Delicata)
    • Tomato – 4 varieties (Sweet million (cherry) & Mariana (Paste) & Celebrity & Early Girl (Standard)
  • Container Tray Set. Containers can be provided.
  • Two (4) packs of seedlings is one Container Tray Set. Limit two sets per household.  Each sets consists of:
    • Bush Early Girl tomato, Genovese Basil, Lettuce Mix and
    • Sweet Peppers (Lady Bell & Lunchbox Mix), Red Zeppelin Onion

All seedling trays are accompanied by a growers guide to help you make the most of your growing season. You can also sign up to receive weekly gardening newsletters and join a Facebook support group to connect with a community of local growers!


For just $20, you can sponsor a seedling tray and help grow more gardeners in the Kearsage area. 


Spring Ledge Farm will generously match your donation, so one seedling tray becomes two!

Your donation supports home and community gardens, which generates a host of benefits, from mental wellbeing to food security to community connections and resilience!

In 2022, 8,400 seedlings in 400 trays were grown and distributed to 19 towns and were received by 106 individuals and 13 organizations.

See the 2022 Tray it Forward Delivery Day video!