ABout Kearsarge Neighborhood Partners

Who is “KNP” or Kearsarge Neighborhood Partners?

In 2018, a group of caring neighbors in the Kearsarge region realized that much of the charity available to our neighbors deals with meeting a crisis. We began to look into the root causes that lead to the need to seek emergency help again and again. Funding to help during a crisis is absolutely necessary, it’s often the first step, and we’re thrilled to partner with organizations who help in that way. But we began to envision a non-profit where we could try to understand the bedrock issues at the base of people’s emergencies. 

We wanted to create the type of organization where neighbors help each other flourish; where our neighbors in need have hope of moving away from crisis, and toward wholeness and stability in their lives.

Our Geographical Focus

KNP works with neighbors in the towns in and around New London including, Andover, Bradford, New London, Newbury, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner and Wilmot. (At times we are able to help neighbors in Danbury and Newport depending on available staff).

What Makes KNP Unique

Our principles. We’re based on developing supportive interpersonal relationships among our neighbors. We help guide neighbors toward a more stable place in life, and we try not to do for them what they can do for themselves.

We also recognize the value of reciprocity, and we look for ways that neighbors who come to us seeking help can eventually be in a position to serve others.

How Does KNP Help

Much of our work centers around being “connectors”. We have three levels of connections: 

  • Connecting Neighbors with other Neighbors that can help
  • Connecting Neighbors with Organizations that can help them, and
  • Organizations with other organizations so that they can collaborate to better serve the community
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