Neighbors Helping Neighbors Flourish

"I have never experienced people I don't even know being so kind to me. I am overwhelmed with the feeling of being cared about. I want to thank everyone for showing me there is kindness and support, in a time of darkness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will never forget this."
Kearsarge Neighbor, after receiving cards and letters from KNP Volunteers

About Kearsarge Neighborhood Partners

KEARSARGE NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERS (KNP) is a non-profit dedicated to building a community where neighbors help each other flourish.  Partnering with local entities such as the Community Action Program (CAP), Kearsarge Regional Ecumenical Ministries (KREM), town welfare offices and the food pantries that provide funds, heating fuel, food, etc. for emergency needs, KNP embraces the power of interpersonal relationships, walking beside people who are facing difficulty, for as long as they want or need, while they move toward a more stable footing in life.

KNP hopes to help “weave” a net of local support for all of our neighbors.  We collaborate and connect with the many existing organizations around us, matching the needs of neighbors AND the  needs of organizations in our region, with a list of committed KNP volunteers who can help in short-term or longer-term situations.  In this time of uncertainty, we are especially committed to helping people navigate issues of food insecurity, transportation, financial loss, loneliness, and isolation.

Curious to know more? Are you aware of needs that we could help address? Are you looking for connection? Are you seeking volunteer opportunities? Give us a call at 603-317-5900 or send us an email at

Steve Allenby, President
Cindy Johnson, Vice-President
Bill Ross, Secretary
Hardy Hasenfuss, Treasurer
Nancy Lindsey, Community Needs Coordinator

Neighbors Ready to Help

Here is a Flash Mission neighbors can help with while social distancing. Hospitals, Nursing Homes and neighbors in the Kearsarge Region are asking for help supplementing their PPE (personal protection equipment) face masks and goggles. The Center for Disease Control affirms that cotton face masks can be sterilized and re-used as an acceptable crisis response option.

Here are two well written instructions for making 2-ply fabric masks, as well as a video tutorial (see below) from the Deaconess Health System.

Each mask takes less than 15 minutes to make. Note: Obtaining elastic might be a challenge.  If you can’t find elastic, there are also instructions for making masks with ties.

Completed masks can be dropped off at any of the three DHMC locations, or mailed to:

  • DHMC Donations
    50 LaBombard Road North
    Lebanon, NH 03766

Thank you for helping our healthcare workers during this pandemic.

Note: If folks are unable or uncomfortable driving masks to Lebanon, New London Hospital will pick them up and transport them. There is a vestibule inside of Door #10 (old Clough Center Entrance) where community members can drop off Masks and Hand Sanitizer. Please leave the masks next to the yellow bin.

For more information on Making / Donating Masks: Email KNP or call KNP at 603-317-5900 Ext. 1

Many in the Kearsarge region use wood for heating. Fortunately, many in our region have an abundance of wood. KNP volunteers work with First Baptist Church to help source, cut, stack and store wood.  We deliver it when we encounter a neighbor with a need.

If you need wood, or have wood to share, or would like to help prepare it for other neighbors, email KNP or phone us:

603-317-5900 Ext. 1

The New London Hospital is in need of cotton, re-usable surgical caps. 

There are two types that can be sewn: 

Completed surgical caps can be dropped off in the yellow bin inside New London Hospital Door #10, the old Clough Center entrance.

Photograph Credits

Huge thank you to the following local photographers for sharing their stunning photos of our beautiful Kearsarge Region.

  • Nancy Allenby – New London Photographer and KNP Volunteer
  • Cindy Benson – Andover Photographer and KNP Volunteer
  • Peter Bloch – New London Photographer
  • Garrett Evans – Sutton Photographer
  • Jaimie Jusczyk – Wilmot Photographer
  • Nancy Lindsey – New London Photographer and KNP Volunteer